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EXPRESS how you really feel
EXPLORE your inner self
MONITOR your wellbeing


WRITE whatever you want, completely uncensored. You can release pent up emotions and explore your deepest feelings. Write what you cannot say to your closest friend.

Then click DESTROY to remove all traces of your original text. Knowing this writing is ephemeral, deeper parts may liberate feelings and memories not normally made available to you.

A report is sent to truefeelings - the number of words you wrote and the time you spent writing - NEVER what you actually wrote. An acknowledgement appears in RESULT.

We also record the time sent, including your time zone and whether your device is a mobile or something larger. By submitting from this site you are giving us permission to collect that data.

THEMES gives suggestions of possible approaches to using this site.

FAQs gives answers to questions you never thought of asking.

You may click on the coloured square to select another colour more appropriate to how you are feeling [not present on mobiles].

So go ahead and try it / but there's more


If you join the Community you will be welcomed by your chosen name. The RESULT page will now not only show data for the latest message, but also the total number of messages, the total words sent and total time spent writing. For this to function you need to ENABLE LOCAL STORAGE in your browser [See below].

This extra information, but not your chosen name, will be sent to us each time you click on SUBMIT. This will help us to understand better how the site is being used.

When you ENABLE LOCAL STORAGE you will also be giving us permission to collect the information you will be sending to us.


For those in the COMMUNITY we are conducting our SURVEY as a research project to establish whether there are any therapeutic benefits [or disbenefits] in using this site. At the moment we are not making any such claims, though some of the approaches in the THEMES section are known to be benificial to a person's wellbeing.

We invite you to take part in our SURVEY every four weeks. We also provide you with a record of your wellbeing scores.


We suggest YOU DO NOT USE an INCOGNIO tab, as the Local Storage will be lost when you close the tab or the browser.

WRITE your chosen name in the box below and CLICK on ENABLE LOCAL STORAGE. This will enable the storage of the extra information on your browser.

To DELETE Local Storage there is a button on the ABOUT page

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